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Reverse Engineering Renault Trafic Cargo bay


Our client builds custom fitouts that transform vans into travelling workplaces.

Previously they had been taking manual measurements, and then using these measurements to create CAD models and design custom fits with SolidWorks. But measuring vehicles by hand is a time consuming and inaccurate process. When they fabricated components (partitioning walls, cupboards, drawers, racks etc.) they often discovered these components didn’t fit correctly. This meant they needed to create multiple iterations to achieve a perfect fit.

They engaged Absolute 3D for assistance to improve the process.


We use leading-edge laser scanners to create a precise 3D scan of the vans. Our laser scanners are ideal for capturing intricate and irregular surface details, and are accurate to 0.02mm. This enables complex dimensions to be extracted with ease. We then convert this raw scan data into a user-friendly CAD model. Our client simply imports the CAD model into SolidWorks to design the fit out.


Our client was delighted with the improvement to their processes. 3D scanning allows them to create CAD models and fit out vans more quickly and accurately than using manual methods. And the scanning only needs to be performed once per model, making it easy to fit out an entire fleet. This allows them to offer a more competitive service to their customers. Now when they install components, everything fits perfectly, every time.

To find out how 3D scanning can help your business deliver a superior service, contact Absolute 3D today.