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What scanner do you use?

We have a ScanTech AXE-B17. It is a high-end, handheld laser scanner. It is very quick at capturing large amount of scan data, at a specified accuracy of up to 0.02mm and to a resolution of 0.025mm.

What do I have to do to prepare my component for scanning?

This depends on the job. But there should be access around the component/machine/vehicle for a person to move. Everything not important to the scan should be removed. It should be clean and free from dust, grease, and oil, as we need to apply little sticky targets for the scanner to operate.

Are there any limitations to what can be scanned?

3D scanners work by line-of-sight so we’re not able to capture internal or hidden surfaces. Any obstructions that can be removed should be done so before scanning begins.

Will there be any permanent damage or blemishes to my product?

No, 3D scanning is non-contact. For difficult to capture surfaces we may use 3D scanning spray. However, this automatically evaporates away in a matter of hours. No clean-up is required.

Can you come to site, or do I have to bring my part to you?

Either way is fine! The scanner is portable and only takes a few minutes to set up onsite. Otherwise, if the parts are small, you’re welcome to deliver them to us. We also offer a pick-up/drop-off service for the Melbourne metro area.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Every job is unique. Email us some photos of the item you want 3D scanned and we’ll get back to you with an exact quote and lead time. We also offer an hourly rate for jobs that don’t have a clear scope.

What file formats can you provide?

Typically we supply the 3D scan mesh in an STL or OBJ file format.

For CAD models we usually supply neutral CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, or Parasolid. Or we can provide native SolidWorks files with a complete feature tree.

If you require a file to be supplied in a specific format, just ask and we’ll see what we can do.


Can you send files directly to a manufacturer of my choice?

Definitely; after drawings have been approved by you, we can liaise with any manufacturer you choose.