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3D Inspection


3D inspection involves comparing scan data against a set of reference data, usually a CAD model or technical drawing. This is a critical part of the manufacturing and quality control process, because it helps confirm that parts have been produced correctly. 

To check that a component was created accurately, we scan the item and compare the scan data against the reference data that was originally used by the manufacturer. Flaws in the manufacturing process often result in parts that don’t meet tolerance levels.

By analysing your parts using our high-tech equipment, we can identity any defects or deviations from required specifications, allowing you to fix any problems before the item reaches your customers.

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At Absolute3D, we are able to obtain accuracy ranging from 0.012 mm to 0.1 mm, depending on the technology used. Our software generates measurements for specific points across the entire surface of the object, and these dimensions are then compared to the original reference data for the item.

We can provide the 3D inspection results in various formats, including:

  • Deviation Color Maps
  • Annotated Deviation Color Maps
  • 2D drawing overlay (PDF or DXF/DWG format)
  • Table with dimensions (PDF or Excel format)

To learn more about how 3D inspection can ensure the quality of your manufactured parts, simply contact Absolute3D today.