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Arts & Entertainment

From special effects to computer graphics and virtual reality, 3D technology plays a critical role in the modern entertainment industry. 3D scanners can create models faster and more cost effectively than manual 3D modelling software, giving producers, programmers and designers a powerful medium to express themselves and share their creations with the world.

Similarly in the arts industry, 3D technology gives sculptors and artists a new way to unleash their creative genius. With 3D scanning and printing, a sculpture can be reproduced infinitely, in full colour, using a range of materials, and scaled up or down as desired.

At Absolute 3D, we use high-precision portable scanners to capture organic shapes in any environment, helping to bring your ideas to reality. So whether you want to design a video game, create a piece of artwork, miniaturise an existing design, or simply preserve your creations, contact us today and we’ll bring your vision to life