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The healthcare industry is characterised by demanding regulations and a requirement for precisely formed medical devices. Often, these must be manufactured using challenging materials in controlled, hygienic environments. 3D scanning technology is increasingly being used to meet the demand for these complex, flawless, freeform medical components.

At Absolute 3D, we use cutting-edge 3D scanners to create accurate digital models of organic, free-flowing objects that are almost impossible to capture using traditional techniques. Our scanners capture the patient’s form, allowing you to create an exact digital CAD model of the required object. This technology is invaluable when it comes to designing custom prosthetics, orthotic devices, personal implants, surgical fixtures, anatomical models, and other patient-specific items.

Our 3D scanners are fast, safe to use in sensitive environments, and can compensate for minor movements of the patient. So if you’re a healthcare professional, medical researcher or equipment manufacturer, contact us today and we’ll help you to create precise 3D healthcare solutions to meet the needs of your patients and clients.