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Heritage Preservation

Conservation of our cultural heritage is an important endeavour, and one that has been made easier with the advent of 3D scanning technology. 3D scanning solutions are now used regularly to help museums, curators, and researchers to protect and preserve historic artefacts, maintaining them for future generations.

At Absolute 3D, our experienced staff can scan a wide range of objects in various textures and dimensions. Our high-tech scanners are fast and precise, and we can also print 3D replicas from these scans to mitigate the risk of future loss, theft, damage, or degradation of sensitive artefacts over time.

3D Technology has revolutionised the museum industry. Visitors can now access interactive virtual exhibitions from any location, and 3D scanning technology helps bring these environments to life. So whether you need to digitally archive a fossil, create a replica of an antique vase, or display a three-dimensional artefact on the web, contact us today and we’ll create the 3D model you need to complete your restoration, conservation, or digital archiving project.