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Product Design

Product design and development can be a challenging and time-consuming task, often complicated by the fact that development must incorporate prior designs and specific components. But this process is made simpler and faster with the help of 3D scanning technology.

3D scanners make the design process more precise and efficient by enabling data from complex freeform objects to be captured quickly and accurately, and converted into CAD model if necessary. 3D scanning also assists with root-cause analysis and helps to diagnose product defects more efficiently. This facilitates rapid prototyping and makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary iterations from the development lifecycle, because if the initial design is right then production can commence immediately.

At Absolute 3D, we use the latest hi-tech scanners to capture objects and create precise CAD models in minutes, at any location of your choice. So if you’d like to make your product development cycles more predictable and efficient, and accelerate your time to market, then contact Absolute 3D today to arrange a site visit.