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Quality Control & Inspection

Whatever your industry, customers expect your products to function perfectly, with a high build quality and elegant design. Inspecting samples and products, before, during and after the manufacturing process, is an important step to confirm that parts meet all specifications.

3D technology offers an effective way to inspect items and ensure the required level of quality, without delaying the development lifecycle. This approach is of great benefit to production engineers who wish to quickly identify product defects and streamline the First Article Inspection (FIA) procedure.

By precisely digitising the form and features of your prototype, and comparing the results to the initial CAD design, the task of quality control and inspection becomes 5-10 times faster when compared to traditional measuring techniques. Even challenging surfaces can be scanned easily, reducing costs and providing immediate insight for quicker decision making.

At Absolute 3D, our scanning technology is ideal for measuring 3D objects of all shapes and sizes, we can easily digitise items that are challenging to inspect using traditional methods. So whether you need to determine wear patterns, verify build accuracy or analyse complex surfaces, contact us today and we’ll help streamline your quality control and inspection process.