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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering involves scanning a physical object to capture its dimensions, and creating a digital 3D model that matches either the original design intent or the as-built form of the item. When seeking to match the original design intent, it’s also important to identify manufacturing defects and understand how components wear and degrade over time.

Reverse engineering has a broad range of applications in industries such as aerospace and automotive. The process is cost effective and can be used to improve upon an object’s features, reproduce components, or create prototypes.

At Absolute 3D, our top-of-the-range precision scanners quickly capture the necessary data to build 3D CAD models accurate to within 30 microns, which we can then import into a software package for further customisation as needed.

We have a wealth of experience in the industry, along with the cutting-edge technology needed to reverse engineer any item and customise its geometry to your exact specifications. Perhaps you’re looking for an obscure part for your vintage car, or a bespoke component for a unique design? Whatever your needs, contact us today and we’ll help bring your 3D project to life.